Why Nat’l Assembly Must Impeach Buhari – Rowland Owie

13509026_1214654625234631_3091501841515296657_n (2)Former Senate Chief Whip Roland Owie has called for the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari over approval of about $469 million for the purchase of aircraft from the US without nod from the National Assembly.
Owie also lamented that Buhari’s administration has countless times ignored the National Assembly’s rejection of appointees.
According to him, the executive arm of government has looked down on the legislature, and thus, an impeachment process should be started for Buhari.
“How can the National Assembly which has the authority of confirmation of appointees reject the statutory appointment of an official and then the executive goes behind to retain such person? How can the executive neglect the rejection of the legislature?” Sun News quoted him as asking.
“If the Senate was not sparing the rod, the moment the executive went ahead to confirm the appointment they would have removed the allocation meant for the particular office or position, so that if the chairman works and is paid, whoever that paid him would have committed an impeachable offence.
“The executive in this government has looked down on the National Assembly time and time again. How can the president spend over 469 million dollars on helicopter without approval from the National Assembly?
“The Senate should immediately send Buhari a message and begin impeachment procedure against him.”
On whether impeachment is the only way to address the situation, he said: “Certainly he has to be impeached.
“It is the senate that is not doing its job. In a country like Nigeria, how will ministers and heads of parastatals decide not to show up to defend their budget?
“How would you have ministers who have not defended their budget under your watch and you still have FEC meeting with them every Wednesday?”

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