Former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has been lambasted by ex-Governor Donald Duke of Cross River State over her assertion in her new book.

The former governor without further ado has taken to his twitter handle @Donald_Duke to slam the erstwhile minister… “It is true I met with Ngozi when the rumors were swirling about her being considered for appointment.”

“As “friends”, she having been literally dismissed from an earlier appointment as f1nance minister, I urged caution. I made no mention of adding or subtracting credibility to anyone or government.”

“It was “two friends” discussing careers. It ended there and she subsequently made her choice which I respected. However, I think it is in poor taste and demeaning of her to report a private conversation in whatever self laundering attempt she may be up to. With hindsight, I was vindicated, Ngozi, as Minister of Finance and Economy, despite massive revenue receipts, left Nigeria poorer than she met it.”