Buhari’s Comments About ‘Lazy Nigerians’ And Why He Is A Disaster, By Gimba Kakanda

BUHARI ATTACKS NIGERIAN YOUTHSPresident Buhari unscripted is a PR disaster for Nigeria. First, he told them abroad Nigerians were not welcome because of their crimes (legitimizing an already alarming stereotype of Nigerians and its rich “princes” and humiliating airport security checks), then here at home he told us we are an impatient people without any regard for even the sacrifices we made to bring him to power, and now he told them again the hardworking young people of his country – about whom even Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have been speaking reverently, marketing our skills and creating opportunities our President should – are actually lazy.
There’s a difference between honesty and diplomatic naïveté. What our President does is like your Dad telling your potential in-laws you’re an irresponsible person, without any further explanation, destroying your esteem, alliances and prospects.
Source: Facebook

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