A Draft Statistic of Oduduwa Republic


By: Adeyinka Grandson & Bola Olalekan

Our people, just in case ni o. With the way the situation is presenting itself. We must not be caught unaware. Yoruba nation has all it takes to be a sovereign state. Just in case they said everyone should bear their father’s name…

ODUDUWA REPUBLICThe following will be the tentative administrative states of the Yoruba Nation.

1. Metropolitan Ilorin
2. Igbomina
3. Kabba
4. Ijumu
5. Ibadan
6. Oyo
7. Ogbomoso
8. Ibarapa
9. Oke-Ogun
10. Akoko-Edo
11. Itsekiri
12. Egba
13. Igboho
14. Ijebu
15. Remo
16. Yewa
17. Ife
18. Ilesha
19. Ila
20. Ede
21. Lagos -Mainland
22. Lagoon -Island
23. Epe
24. Ekiti
25. Ado
26. Akoko
27. Owo
28. Ondo
29. Akure
30. Ilaje
32. Iwo
33. Ejigbo

Furthermore, below are other important facts and proposals for the much awaited country.


Country: Oduduwa Republic

Capital: Ibadan

Population: Approx. 50million

Currency: Awo

GDP: Approx. US$187Billions (Purchasing power parity)

Languages: Yoruba & English

Government: Unitary System

Demonym: Yorubian

Area: 139,000 square kilometers

Points of Interest: 
Olumo Rock, Cocoa House, Third
Mainland Bridge, Arinta Waterfalls, River Osun, Ikogosi
Warm Spring and so forth

Mineral Resources:
Oil, Gemstone, Kaolin, Limestone, Feldspar, Tantalite,
Phosphate, Tatium, Granite, Syenite, Gold, Marble, Iron-
Ore, Glass-sand, Clay, Talc, Aqua Marine, Tourmaline,
Colimbite, Kaolin, Sillimnote, Dolomite.



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