Indonesian President Criticised For Riding Motorcycle

Indonesian opposition politicians and citizens criticised President Joko Widodo on Monday, a day after he rode a highly-modified motorcycle through the town of Sukabumi alongside several cabinet ministers.
Opposition politician and deputy parliament speaker Fadli Zon referred to the move as nothing more than “a politicial stunt, not genuine the whole thing was forced.’’
“What for? I think we need to know what is needed to be done: Jobs and a better future, not visible symbols like motorbikes,’’ he said.
Sporting a denim jacket, a half face helmet and a pair of Vans sneakers, Joko rode his golden chopper through the town of Sukabumi on Sunday in what critics referred to as an attempt to appeal to younger voters.
The 56-year-old is seeking re-election in 2019.
Critics pointed out on social media that the president’s customised Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and his protective gear were not up to the country’s own road safety regulations.
“Luckily he’s president. If I did that I would be given a ticket because the mirrors are too small and the headlight isn’t on,’’ a Twitter user wrote.

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