Come Rain, Come Shine, The Marital Vow Must Always Be Respected

Marriage ain't for boys9It is maturity when you marry a woman with pointed breasts and she gives birth and after sometime it sags, and you still stick to her and not look outside.

It is maturity that you married her without stretch marks but during pregnancy and after childbirth, she got stretch marks and you still appreciate her body and see her beauty.

Marriage is not all about how fine your wife’s body is. You must stick to her at all times, after all you enjoyed it when she was hot, now that her body is changing, adjust your mind to accept the changes and still love her for who she is not what her body carries.

This is why Marriage ain’t for boys who just want boobs, curves and fresh body, because these things, all of them shall pass away.

A time will come when nothing physical about your wife will trip you, what shall be of you then?

Content credit© Telemony.


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