How My Ex-Lover Hit My Range Rover With His Okada –Lizzy Anjorin


Lizzy Anjorin, popular Nollywood actress and movie producer,  has derided her ex-lover who she said abandoned her for a lady whose dad was a friend to a commissioner.

Describing it as a “suicidal experience,” Lizzy took to her Instagram page to narrate how she ran into the ex-lover who then described her as “eba” (cassava meal) in comparison to the other lady that he called a “salad.”

The actress, whose Instagram handle is @lizzyanjorin, said she was suicidal when the unnamed man ended their relationship.

Unknown to her, things probably didn’t go as the ex-boyfriend had planned, as he appeared to have run into challenging times, which seemed to force him to turn to operating a commercial motorcycle popularly called Okada.

How did she find out? She said she came face to face with the man when someone hit her Range Rover with his motorcycle.

She said she stormed out of her four-wheeler to see the man who was careless enough to hit a multimillion naira engine-on-wheels with a commercial motorcycle that could only have cost a hew thousand naira.

What she saw left her in shock, the actress said; as the Okada rider happened to be her ex-lover whose action nearly made her to commit suicide.

The actress said she fled the scene in shock.

She recalled the experience in a post which she shared on instagram.

Lizzy Anjorin





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